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Pet Proof Blinds– Is it possible to find blinds good for pets? Having pets at home can bring joy, comfort, and protection for you and your family. Dogs and cats have that irresistible child-like charm that makes them more lovable. Some days they can be sweet, cuddly, and chill like babies.

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Blinds That are Good for Pets

Other days they can be excited and playful like toddlers. And let’s face it, our pets can sometimes go overboard even when they don’t mean to. Their mischief may occasionally lead to a broken vase, scratched furniture, or chewed-up blinds.

Yes, window blinds are likely targets since our animal friends love looking out the window. Damaged window treatments pose dangers to homeowners and pets alike. So for everyone’s safety, choosing the right type of window blinds is critical. Learn more on the features of pet-proof blinds and different window treatments recommended (and to be avoided) for pets.

Features Of Pet Proof Blinds

Finding pet proof blinds is not a straightforward process. Blinds, and any other window treatments, are not labeled “pet-proof” in stores. To shorten your list, look for these features when you go shopping for window blinds:

Cordless design

Cats and dogs can’t just help tugging on dangling pull cords on window blinds. There may be different reasons for this behavior. But whatever it is, doing so could potentially get them into life-threatening accidents such as strangulation or choking. To completely prevent these, opt for cordless window blinds or motorized options.

Durable non-toxic materials

In window blinds, the slats usually take the most damage from pets. They can be bent or torn down as your cat pushes her head through them to see outside the window. Or maybe your dog chewed the slats to relieve his anxiety.

For more damage-resistant blinds, consider those made with durable and thicker materials. Check also if they’re free of harmful chemicals for your pet’s safety.

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Full window coverage

Animals are territorial in nature and will do anything to make their point. So when pets see something threatening outside the window through the blinds’ slats, they’ll scratch their way through them.

This leaves you with a broken window covering. To stop your cat or dog from getting distracted by the squirrel in the front yard, choose blinds that fully cover your window.

Wide slats

If you’re not sold into covering your entire window, consider getting blinds with wide slats. When opened, this gives pets a less obstructed window view. They can enjoy and see the world outside without destroying a whole set of blinds.

pet proof blinds

Best Pet Friendly Window Blinds

With the features of pet-proof blinds in mind, here are our top picks for blinds that are safe for our furry friends:

Vertical blinds for pets

Unlike the horizontal type, pets can effortlessly part the slats of vertical blinds to peek through the window. They also immediately slide back into place after opening. This reduces potential bending or breakage.

And the slats being vertically positioned deter your pet from munching on them. Even if your dog manages to chew up a slat, you could easily replace just that one piece. No need to purchase the whole set.

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Motorized blinds for pets

Motorized blinds’ cordless design makes them safe for pets. You won’t have to worry anymore about your dog or cat accidentally getting entangled in pull cords. All it takes is a remote control, smartphone, or voice command to adjust your blinds even when you’re away from home. You can close them fully to cover distractions outside the window or open them partly for your pets to enjoy a sunset view.

Faux wood blinds for pets

If you love the look of authentic wood but are worried about your pet’s claw marks, opting for faux wood blinds is your best hope. Being made from PVC material, these blinds can better withstand wear and tear than timber.

They’re also more resistant to scratches and moisture caused by your pet’s booping, licking, or drooling. Plus, faux wood blinds also cost less than real wood.

best blinds for pets

Other Pet Friendly Window Treatments

Plantation shutters for pets

Plantation shutters can be made of wood or faux wood, making them durable against bending and breaking. But if your pet loves scratching or chewing, avoid wood at all costs.

Roller and Roman shades for pets

Both of these shades are also great choices for pet-proofing your home. Having only one big piece of fabric and no distracting slats, they provide full gapless window blockage. They’re also cordless, making them extra safe for your precious fur baby.

Worst Window Coverings For Pet Proof Blinds

Some window coverings are more hazardous to pets than other types. As much as possible, avoid putting these in a house with pets:

Aluminum Venetian blinds | NOT pet proof blinds

This type of window treatment has a lot of cons. They have narrow horizontal slats that hinder a full view outside even when opened. This only makes your pet more eager to remove them. Since their slats are made of aluminum, they twist and break easily. Damaged slats could also potentially hurt your pets. The danger also adds up if your Venetian blinds have pull cords.

Fabric blinds | NOT pet proof blinds

Fabric blinds are not so good for pets, especially for cats. They can be easily scratched and ripped apart. These blinds are also potential traps for your pet’s shed fur, making them hard to clean and maintain.

Cellular shades | NOT pet proof blinds

Cellular shades may seem good since they provide full window coverage. But they’re also made of fabric, making them prone to your pet’s scratching and tearing.

Curtains and draperies | NOT pet proof blinds

Just like cellular shades, curtains and draperies are basically fabric susceptible to ripping and tearing. A cat only sees these window coverings as its climbing poles or scratch posts. So dressing your windows with them is not practical. Especially when puddled, drapes only attract your pet to get cozy on them. They could also cause accidents.

Pet Proof Blinds | Final Thoughts

There is no such thing as a perfectly pet-proof window treatment. That’s why it could be tricky to find one that will work for you. Our furry friends have different needs and personalities, just like us humans. Aside from our recommendations, let those also be your guide in choosing the most suitable window blinds for your beloved pet.

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