Norman Blinds Review | New in 2022

Overview of Norman Window Fashions

An in depth Norman Blinds review | With almost everything online, finding popular window furnishing brands is now easier. Several names will surely appear as you search, and one of them might likely include Norman Window Fashions. This company has been highly reputable in the window treatment business for many years now.

And there must be good reasons for that!

Let’s find out through this Norman Blinds review article. We’ll check out qualities that make it a top brand choice for window coverings. But first, let’s go through some details about this internationally renowned company.

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Norman Blinds Review | New in 2022

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Norman Blinds is well known for their interior shutters.

Company Overview

Before it became the world-class window treatment brand we know today, Norman Window Fashions started out as a simple window blinds manufacturer in 1974. It was founded by Norman Nien in Taiwan and named Nien Made back then.

As years passed, it expanded its state-of-the-art production facilities and sales support across the globe. These include those in Texas, Mexico, and the new US headquarters in California. Extending their reach internationally allowed them to source the finest raw materials available.

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Now one of the biggest leaders in the window furnishing industry, Norman Window Fashions continues its commitment to deliver excellently crafted window coverings, constant product innovations, and outstanding customer service.

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Brand Highlights

Norman Window Fashions has grown (and still continues to grow) to be one of the most trusted brands for window treatments. The company won’t be where it stands now if not for these qualities:


Norman Window Fashion products are manufactured using the finest quality materials, making them highly durable, versatile, and long-lasting. With safety in mind, Norman products are also made to be heat and fire-resistant.

Not only they are excellently crafted, but they’re also certified to be “Best for Kids.” These products are free from lead and other toxic chemicals that can harm your little ones and even pets.

Norman Window Fashion offers a wide selection of custom-made coverings for windows, doors, skylights, and other specialty shapes. Best-sellers include Normandy Norman Wood Shutters, Norman Motorized Roman Shades, Norman Faux Wood SmartPrivacy Blinds, and Normandy Skylight PerfectTilt RF Shutters. You can choose from their diverse collections of blinds, shades, and shutters. This ensures a unique window covering to suit every customer’s need.

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Norman blinds review


Norman Window Fashions doesn’t just stop at producing high-quality window furnishings. The company’s commitment to innovation drives them to develop solutions that will meet the modern users’ needs. They constantly improve their products’ functionality through the integration of smart features and advanced technology.

Norman products such as the PerfectTilt G4 Motorized Shutters, PerfectSheer Shades, Daynite Shutters, and BelleVue Shades won awards for outstanding design and technology. The company also received an award for its Shutter Design Guide that innovated shutters’ design and selection process.

Norman Blinds Review

Norman Window Fashions is among the first to introduce motorized window treatments, including the PerfectTilt Shutters. These motorized shutters can be tilted through remote control or smartphone. This eliminates the need for cords, which pose accident risks for children and pets. A built-in sensor that stops louver movement when needed also adds to their safety. PerfectTilt Shutters also have solar panels for extending battery charge.

Norman Blinds Review

Another Norman innovation is the SmartPrivacy feature for their blinds. These blinds are fabricated with proprietary quarter-sawn slats, which minimize light leakages to give you maximum light control and privacy. Plus, they are more weather-resistant and won’t easily warp.

In this Norman Blinds review we also want to mention SmartRelease. This feature is integrated with their wood and faux wood blinds. It allows you to effortlessly lower your blinds with just a gentle pull.


Environmental sustainability is also a priority for Norman Window Fashions. They get wood from company-owned forests or timber suppliers who follow best forestry practices. Norman crafts products from local sources specific to where their customers are. This reduces the need for shipping, resulting in a lower carbon footprint. Norman Window Fashions also maintains minimal manufacturing byproducts through reusing or recycling of scraps.


All Norman Window Fashions products are covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty against factory defects. It requires that the original buyer owns the product and that it was correctly installed. To claim your warranty, you must present proof of purchase and details regarding the product’s damage.

The warranty only serves the repair or replacement of defective items. It doesn’t cover costs for removal or reinstallation. Damages caused by normal wear and tear, unauthorized repairs, accidents, misuse, or improper care are also not covered by Norman warranty.

Norman Blinds Review | Conclusion

In this Norman Blinds review, we’ve show how the company has managed to stay ahead as a top competitor in the window treatment business. Their products with superior craftsmanship and constant technology upgrades are worthy investments for any home. And they took it another step further with their commitment to sustainability.

It’s rare to find a company that values its customers’ needs while still considering its environmental impact. So if you ever need to choose a window covering brand, Norman Window Fashions deserve to be on the list.

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