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How to Get Blinds Between the Glass

Need to know how to install between the glass blinds? What factors should you consider when buying? Try learning from this tutorial.


Blinds serve us several benefits. They can be our medium of shade against sunlight entering our rooms or simply our source of privacy.

Whatever we are up to, blinds are more of a creative than a preventive measure. Eventually, we’ll look at our windows and glass doors, happy about how these coverings made our houses more finesse.

And since we’re talking about glasses, do you ever imagine integrating these with blinds? If yes, then you’re on the right page. Let me teach you how to install blinds between the glass. 

But first, let’s identify a few factors to consider when choosing blinds between the glass.

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blinds between the glass

4 Key Points About Blinds Between the Glass

  1. Safety

While the blinds are already at an acceptable safety level inside two glass panels, you still have to ensure no outside force breaks them. So, try to assess whether kids or pets at home are susceptible to damaging these coverings.

  1. Lighting

One of the reasons why blinds come in variety is to give you options when deciding on the light levels. By looking simply at your options, you will see which style will yield the lighting you need.

  1. Budget

Blinds also come in a wide price range. Not everyone notices it, but going beyond your allocated amount for these window coverings will compromise other things you need at home.

  1. Purpose

At some point, you may only want to have a lavish look on your windows or doors. But more often, it goes beyond this aspect. So, it’s best to know the most functional in-between glass blinds set-up before finally deciding on one.

What you need for Blinds Between the Glass

Granting you have decided what blinds style to use, it’s time to prepare the things that will help you in the installation process. Check the list below.

Protective equipment

Home improvements might require dealing with sharp or heavy objects that defeat your physical capacity.

With that, try preparing some safety equipment. These can be in protective glasses and gloves, which may be sufficient as we deal with potential glass breakages.

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Utility knife

Along the process, we might have to remove an old glass panel. With that, a knife will be the most appropriate tool to use. It doesn’t need to be too big or long. What’s important is you can maneuver it around corners. Also, it needs to be sharp enough to scrape any paint or adhesive left on the seams of the glass.

A Phillips head screwdriver

On the sides or corners of your glass window are pieces of screws that lock the crystal. Through this tool, you’ll have a safe and seamless way to remove the glass and pave the way for your blinds.

Having a power drill is a definite plus, especially if you want all the convenience in the world. However, it’s unnecessary, only that you’ll have to exert more effort piercing the screws in and out.

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Steps to installing in-between glass blinds

Now that you have all the things you need, it’s time to use them through the following steps.

Step 1: Removing the old glass

In this step, we’ll provide space for the in-between blinds. To start, drill out the screws on the frame using your Phillips screwdriver. Finish all the screws and put them aside in a secure location for installation later. Once done, cut the paint lines and adhesives that mount the glass frame to the door or window. 

By then, the panel loosens up and will smoothly fall once pushed. With that, it’s best to have someone on the opposing side of the door or window to catch the glass panel. Note that you have to secure the glass frame along with the screws. 

Step 2: Cleaning the frame

Using your knife, scrape all the remaining adhesives on the door or window. You don’t want to install your new in-between glass blinds with some unnecessary mess on the frame. So, be patient in cleaning all the sides and corners. That way, your new panel will mount well on all seams.

Step 3: Installing the enclosed blinds

After preparing the door or window, it’s time to put the new blinds in place. With the help of your assistant, align the new blinds panel with the slot on the door. And you, from the inside, should align the detached frame with the enclosed blinds.

Grab your screwdriver, and start drilling the screws one by one.


Home improvements let you have boundless imaginations. Whether on the exteriors or interiors, ideas will always flow. And whatever things you want to do, make sure you’re leaning in the right direction.

Now that you know how to install blinds between the glass, you’re finally a step closer to achieving your dream home. Remember the things I have shared to keep you guided on this move.

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