Yoolax vs Graywind: Motorized Blinds Comparison

In this article, we compare Yoolax Vs Graywind Motorized Roller Shades: A Showdown Of Smart Blinds

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Many homeowners have now adapted to smart home living. This technology goes more than just house security systems, electronics, and appliances. Even the most basic motorized shades have been making our lives more convenient than ever through smart home automation.

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Yoolax vs Graywind – Quick Look at Motorized Blinds

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And speaking of motorized shades, there are now a lot of brands emerging that offer these suited for any smart home. Yoolax and Graywind are just a few top choices that you can find on Amazon.

In case Yoolax Free-Stop Blackout Roller Shades and Graywind Motorized Roller Shades happen to be on your shopping list, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re giving you this comprehensive guide comparing these two with overviews of each brand name and rundowns of significant product features to help you choose the best smart motorized shades for your home.

Yoolax Motorized Blinds: Brand Overview

Yoolax Motorized Blinds Blackout Fabric Automatic Shades Remote Control Cordless Room Darkening Window Blinds (Dark Grey)

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Yoolax is a supplier of customizable motorized shades, blinds, and drapes selling on Amazon.

Yoolax’s vision “Relax your life” stems from their dedication to making life easier for their customers by giving them products that integrate smart technology and user convenience at a lower cost.

Their advanced smart motors are compatible with all smart home setups such as Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings.

Depending on your needs, they can customize your motorized window treatments by size, fabric material, or design pattern.

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Graywind Motorized Shades: Brand Overview

Graywind Motorized Roller Shade Blinds 100% Blackout Shades Cordless Waterproof Remote Control Window Automated Blinds with Valance Custom Size for Smart Home and Office, Coffee

$139.99  in stock
as of November 17, 2022 12:07 am

Like Yoolax, Graywind is a company that sells smart motorized window coverings such as shades, blinds, and drapes. Their products are also customizable to suit your needs and preferences.

Graywind is committed to going “Beyond shading” by providing a convenient and enjoyable life experience for their customers through their products.

They take pride in combining smart home technology integration, unique craftsmanship, and functionality into their designs. They continually develop products in line with the smart life experience.

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Yoolax Vs Graywind Roller Shades Comparison

Now you have an idea about these two brands, let’s take a closer look at their products’ common features and compare which is better.

Blackout Quality

Yoolax Free-Stop Blackout Roller Shades are made from durable double-sided polyester fabric with three layers. This helps give 100% blackout shading, privacy, and heat insulation best for your home’s bedroom and living room. Yoolax’s superb blackout quality is also suitable for restaurant and office use. The fabric material for these roller shades is easy to clean with a dry or wet cloth.

Graywind Motorized Roller Shades also provide 100% blackout shading and energy efficiency with its triple-weaved polyester blend fabric material with a heat-insulating shield layer. We highly recommend them for your bedroom, living room, and patio doors.

Graywind gives you more blackout options for your inside mount windows with Light Blockers, which are sold separately. You install them at the blackout shades’ opposite sides to block excess sunlight passing through them. They come in either white or black colors.

Winner in Blackout Quality: Graywind

The two brands both offer equally superior quality 100% blackout shades. But Graywind Motorized Roller Shades took the extra mile with their Light Blockers, which is great for more room darkening, especially for a bedroom.

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Valance / Top Treatments / Fascia

In our assessment of Yoolax vs Graywind, top treatments are not just decorative elements for the top of your window shades. Their primary function is to hide the roller hardware from plain sight. This gives your windows a cleaner and more stylish look, so it’s helpful to choose roller shades that have one.

Yoolax Free-Stop Blackout Roller Shades have a 2.75” width valance available in five color options: white, gray, coffee, beige and black.

Graywind Motorized Roller Shades also have a valance with a width of 2.76”. Valance colors will match your chosen fabric shade color.

Winner in Valance: Tie

Both Yoolax and Graywind Motorized Roller Shades have valances that serve their purpose and suit any design style.

Remote and Voice Controls

Yoolax Free-Stop Blackout Roller Shades are adjustable with a 15-channel timing remote. The remote needs a smart bridge to connect to Alexa and Google Home, or a 16-channel remote that directly connects with 5 versions of Alexa. Yoolax’s remote control can use either a Zigbee or an RF battery motor.

Multi-channel remote controls

A multi-channel remote can control up to 16 Zigbee battery motors at once or individually. Zigbee battery motor can pair to either one of these Alexa models without using any smart bridge or hub: Echo Plus 2nd Gen, Echo Studio, or Echo Show 2nd Gen. You charge it up with a standard plug.

One 15 single-channel timing remote can control up to 15 RF battery motors either all in one go or separately. RF battery motor can connect to all Alexa and Google Home models through a smart bridge or hub such as Bond. It comes with a USB charger.

Rechargeable Motor Batteries

Both kinds of Yoolax Free-Stop Blackout Roller Shades’ battery motors will last to 2 to 3 months upon a full charge.

Graywind Motorized Roller Shades can either be controlled through RF or ZF motor solutions that use rechargeable built-in lithium battery motors that can last until 3 to 6 months when fully charged.

RF battery motor includes a single channel timing remote and mobile app control. Through a smart bridge, Alexa and Google Assistant can be used to control the shades via smartphone app or voice command.

You can also connect your roller shades with other Graywind automated shades to better manage and control your smart home.

ZF battery motor can connect directly with these 5 Alexa models even without a smart bridge or hub: Echo Plus 2nd Gen, Echo Show 2nd Gen, Echo Studio, Echo Show 10 3rd Gen, and Echo 4th Gen. For other models and Google Home, a smart bridge is still required.

Yoolax vs Graywind Winner in Remote and Voice Controls: Graywind

Both brands are almost equal when it comes to their remote and voice control functions. They have timing remotes to set schedules in opening and closing the shades. And being smart home-ready, they are compatible with devices like Alexa and adjust your shades to your liking through your phone or voice commands.

The only small difference they have is with their battery motor’s life. Yoolax Free-Stop Blackout Roller Shades can work up to 2 to 3 months while Graywind Motorized Roller Shades can do longer with 3 to 6 months. Graywind wins here, but it’s a close fight.

Safety for Children and Pets

Having your roller shades adjusted with the use of remote control, mobile device, or voice command allows for a cordless design that guarantees safety for your little ones and fur babies at home.

Yoolax vs Graywind Safety Winner: Tie

Yoolax and Graywind Motorized Roller Shades are the same with this so they both win this round.


Yoolax Free-Stop Blackout Roller Shades’ price starts at $179.00. This is applicable for either inside or outside mount windows with maximum dimensions of 29” in width and 72” in height.

Graywind Motorized Roller Shades cost a minimum of $178.99 for inside or outside mount windows up to 24” in width and 29” in height.

Winner in Price: Yoolax

While both have almost the same starting prices, Yoolax Free-Stop Blackout Roller Shades give you more value for your money, especially when you have taller windows. So based on this alone, Yoolax wins this round.

Lead Time

Both Yoolax and Graywind Motorized Roller Shades are made-to-order, so the time it takes to prepare and produce these products is worth considering before you decide to buy.

Yoolax Free-Stop Blackout Roller Shades can be customized to your desired size when you order. An email confirming your size customization info will be sent within 24 hours. After you receive this, dispatch will usually take 3 to 5 working days.

Same with Yoolax, Graywind Motorized Roller Shades can also be customized to suit your windows. Within 24 hours after your order, reconfirmation emails will be sent. Lead time may take 5 to 6 business days from order confirmation to dispatch.

Winner in Lead Time: Yoolax

Yoolax Free-Stop Blackout Roller Shades wins this round since it’s still the one with the shorter lead time, though it’s just 1 to 2 days difference.

Shipping and Delivery Time

For Yoolax Free-Stop Blackout Roller Shades, the waiting time for delivery takes around 5 to 7 working days. The package includes customer self-installs, mounting kits, and instruction manuals.

Graywind Motorized Roller Shades’ average shipping time may take 5 to 8 business days. Mounting accessories and manuals are included in the package.

Winner in Shipping and Delivery Time: Tie

There’s not much difference between Yoolax and Graywind’s shipping and delivery schedule, so they are equal in terms of this.


Yoolax covers a 2-year warranty on motors and controls for their Blackout Roller Shades. They charge for free the repair or replacement of defective parts in the first 2 years. In case your received product has damage, you need to take a picture of it and send it to Yoolax within 30 days to avail of the free replacement.

Graywind offers a 2-year limited warranty on Motorized Roller Shades’ motors, remotes, and long-term complimentary technical support. They also have options for extending your service warranty up to 5 years for an additional cost.

Winner in Warranty: Graywind

Both companies provide 2-year warranties, but Graywind wins this round because it gives you the flexibility to choose a longer warranty coverage as desired.

Ease of Installation

When you order Yoolax Free-Stop Blackout Roller Shades, the package comes with instruction manuals and all the needed kits and accessories. The remote is already in its basic factory settings when you receive it. There are also video and PDF versions of the instructions that you could get by requesting Yoolax via email.

A package of Graywind Motorized Roller Shades includes instruction manuals and mounting accessories. Video instruction for easier self-installation is also available.

Winner in Ease of Installation: Tie

With both having all complete accessories, hard copy manuals, and video instructions provided, installing either Yoolax or Graywind Motorized Roller Shades will be equally easy tasks.

Yoolax Vs Graywind Motorized Roller Shades Champion

If we’re keeping score, Graywind Motorized Roller Shades is the grand champion in this smart shades’ showdown. Graywind won for its blackout quality, remote controls, and warranty. Yoolax Free-Stop Blackout Roller Shades came close to winning for price and lead time. But otherwise, they tied in most categories.

Conclusion: Yoolax vs Graywind Motorized Shades

The Blinds Guide believes Graywind Motorized Roller Shades wins overall against Yoolax Free-Stop Blackout Roller Shades after going through an in-depth comparison of both their product features.

But it doesn’t mean Yoolax completely lost this showdown between motorized shades. In fact, both have outstanding qualities that make them a worthy addition to your smart automated home. It still boils down to which product has the features that you want to prioritize above all.

We do hope you find the right smart roller shades for you. If you already did, we’d love to know and hear more about your experience in our comments section.

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