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The option of shopping for window coverings online has been around for years. But with the recent (and still ongoing) pandemic, more homeowners choose to purchase their desired items in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Either that or face the possible risks that come with going out to a physical store.

Plus, if you’re handy with tools or anything, a little DIY project like getting new blinds is a nice spice to anyone’s quarantine routine.

Numerous companies allow you to buy the window blinds you need through their websites. Select Blinds and are among the few leading popular brands. But which one is better?

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Let’s find out who’s the best in this Select Blinds vs comparative guide. Starting from overviews of each company to other significant factors, we can help you make an informed decision on where to buy your new window furnishings for your home upgrade.

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Select Blinds Company Overview

Select Blinds founder Rick Steele started his own custom window treatments online shop in 2003 out of frustration of finding hassle-free and reasonably priced window shades for his young daughter’s bedroom. So ever since, it has always been the company’s goal to give customers high-quality, budget-friendly, and child-safe DIY window coverings through the convenience of their online outlet.

With child safety being a high priority, Select Blinds was the first online window treatments brand to offer cordless options on their products for free. They are dedicated to preventing accidents and deaths of kids and pets that cords on window coverings can cause.

Select Blinds’ products have appeared on big-time TV networks like TLC and popular shows such as Tiny House Nation and Home Free. They are also highly recommended by DIY decorators and social media influencers in the interior design industry. Company Overview

The Houston-based company was founded by Jay Steinfeld. It was the first window treatments brand in 1996 to sell custom-made products like blinds, curtains, shades, and shutters via the online platform. became one of the fastest-growing brands in the e-commerce industry by 2006. It won a Marketer of the Year Award in 2009. Then in January 2014, was acquired by The Home Depot.

Despite the new venture, promises to continue its commitment to providing convenient, affordable, and high-quality window coverings with the help of its new partner. Until now, remains to be the world’s largest online store for window coverings.

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Select Blinds Vs Comparison

Being in business for several years, both Select Blinds and have earned their reputation as excellent brands of choice for window furnishings. Here are their other features that you could compare.

Select Blinds offer a wide variety of products not just limited to windows. They primarily sell window coverings such as blinds, shades, shutters, and drapery. But they also customize blinds for French, patio, and sliding glass doors. Select Blinds even have shades for skylights.

Their products come in different colors and materials to suit every homeowner’s unique needs. You can also get motorized window coverings from Select Blinds for your smart automated home.

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Just like Select Blinds, has the same range of products to choose from. Choices are also not limited to the usual window treatments. also customizes door blinds, skylight shades, and other coverings for openings with specialty shapes.

You can choose from a lot of colors and materials for customizing your window covering to your liking. Motorization options are also available for their products. These are not only great additions for your smart home but also safety features for your little ones.

With similar product offerings, it’s fair to say that Select Blinds and equally win this round.

Whether for advice, queries, complaints, or any other kind of assistance needed, customers can reach Select Blinds in different ways. You can call them directly through their phone number or send an email through their website. There’s also an option for chatting in real-time with Select Blinds’ Customer Care Team with just a click of a button. Or if you’re not in a hurry, you can schedule a free video chat with them. You only need to fill out a form on their website and wait for a response within 24 hours, except during weekends. has a contact number on its website that customers can call for any questions. You can also reach them through live chat. On the website, there are different buttons you can click for your specific need. It will lead you to a page that could address your concern. has great customer service approaches. But Select Blinds won with its option for video chat requests, which is very fitting in minimizing face-to-face contacts.

On its website, Select Blinds got a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. The company claims to be the most preferred and highest-rated window furnishings brand in the world. Positive product feedbacks include superb quality, easy installation, reasonable price, and amazing customer service. But some third-party review sites show the exact opposite though. has mostly negative feedbacks on different review sites and social media platforms. They include late delivery, wrong measurements, and damaged items. A few positives mention awesome customer service and good quality products.

Both Select Blinds and have mixed reviews. But between the two, Select Blinds still got more positive ratings making it win this round by just a hair.

Select Blinds Vs Grand Winner

Based on the feature comparisons above, Select Blinds is the clear winner. The fight between Select Blinds and could have been a draw if not for a few minor details. They tied in terms of their products. But Select Blinds won because it has a video chat option for customer service and fewer bad reviews.

“Based on the feature comparisons above, Select Blinds is the clear winner.”

The Blinds Guide

Final Thoughts on Select Blinds vs

We’ve learned from this comparative guide that Select Blinds have a slight edge over But the latter still has redeeming qualities that are worth considering.

Whichever brand you choose for your window covering purchase, we’d love to hear about your experience in our comments section.

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