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In-depth Hunter Douglas Review | If you’re searching the internet for top window treatment brands, you probably have seen the name Hunter Douglas right away. And it’s not surprising since Hunter Douglas is one of the largest leading window covering companies recognized worldwide. Having extended its reach across multiple countries, it indeed earned its undeniable global popularity.

But what makes Hunter Douglas stand out among its competitors? Is Hunter Douglas truly an excellent window treatment brand as its reputation paints it to be? Find out more about the company itself and its best features in this in-depth review article.

Company Overview

Henry Sonnenberg originally founded Hunter Douglas in 1919 as a machine tool distribution and manufacturing company based in Dusseldorf, Germany. He moved to the Netherlands in 1933 to start a machine tool operation.

Then in 1946, Sonnenberg established a joint venture with Joe Hunter to develop technology for continuous aluminum casting and fabrication. This eventually paved the way for the production of lightweight aluminum slats for Venetian blinds. Thus, creating the world-renowned window treatment brand Hunter Douglas.

From then on, Hunter Douglas expanded its operations throughout the world. Its headquarters were relocated to Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 1971. Today, Hunter Douglas continues to offer premium and innovative window coverings for every customer’s needs.

Brand Features

Hunter Douglas’ roots go far way back and still keep up with the changing times for good reasons. Here are the features that possibly make it a household name today:


Hunter Douglas offers every kind of window treatment— shades, shutters, blinds, and drapery. They can be tailored to fit bay and corner windows. Window coverings are also customizable for specialty shapes like arches and circles. Aside from windows, Hunter Douglas also has coverings for skylights and doors.

Some of Hunter Douglas’ best-sellers include Silhouette Window Shadings, Duette Honeycomb Shades, and Vignette Modern Roman Shades. The company prides itself in crafting products that embody innovation, child safety, energy efficiency, light control, and privacy.

Hunter Douglas Review

With innovation in mind, Hunter Douglas offers various advanced operating systems for window coverings such as PowerView Motorization, UltraGlide retractable cords/wands, and LiteRise cordless push/pull. These systems also help with child and pet safety, along with warning tags on their products.

Window treatments enhance energy efficiency with the insulation and light control they provide. And Hunter Douglas takes it a step further with the smart home-ready PowerView Automation. This system allows you to open and close your window coverings at set schedules.

Hunter Douglas provides different solutions depending on your light control and privacy needs. For filtering sunlight and still maintaining privacy, you may opt for Silhouette Window Shadings and Luminette Privacy Sheers. Duolite is also a great choice since it combines light-filtering and room-darkening in just one shade. If you’re looking for total room blackout, Duette Honeycomb Shades, with its integrated LightLock system, can do the job. Its U-shaped channels that fit perfectly into the window absorb and block light from passing through the room.


On their website, Hunter Douglas provides sections for different customer support services. Instructions for DIY installation, operation, motorization, repair, and cleaning are accessible to customers. If you’d rather have a professional do those, you may contact them via phone, live chat, or email.

For ordering replacement parts, you can fill out a form on their website with all the required information for your concern to be addressed by a Hunter Douglas representative.

You can request a phone, video, at-home, or in-store consultation also through their website. After completing the form on the page, a window treatment specialist will contact them within 48 hours. This professional will discuss and help you with designs, measurements, ordering, and installation.

Hunter Douglas Review | Warranty Policies

Hunter Douglas offers Lifetime Limited Warranty for their products. Register your warranty online on their Warranty Registration page. This warranty covers repairs, replacements, and product defects as long as they’re not due to normal wear and tear, exposure to elements, misuse, and improper handling.

Starting from the date of purchase, the Lifetime Limited Warranty covers operational cords for 7 years and motorization components for 5 years. It doesn’t include shipping, removal, and reinstallation costs.


Prices for Hunter Douglas products are not fixed. That’s because every window is unique. They depend on factors like window size, fabric material, color, operating system, and other design requirements. You can only get cost estimates through direct consultations with a window treatment specialist. This expert can also help you get your desired products that fit your budget.

Hunter Douglas Review | Final Thoughts

Hunter Douglas definitely boasts outstanding qualities that make it a leading brand in the window fashion industry. The variety of innovative products alone are a testament to their strong reputation.

The company’s commitment to value its customers through its support services, warranty policies, and requirement-based pricing also contribute to its continuing success. That said, it’s only fitting to conclude that Hunter Douglas is a worthy choice for your next window treatment purchase.

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